Dominik Vessi
3 months ago (E)
Chainsaw Man

There’s no denying the fact that Chainsaw Man is by far the most popular anime release of 2022. This gore-filled anime adaptation by studio MAPPA took the whole anime world by storm before it was even released. So much so that the trailers for this anime went on to get just as many views as the final season of Attack on Titan, which is HUGE. For those who still don't know, Chainsaw Man revolves around the story of an Orphan boy Denji, who makes a deal with his pet devil and gains the ability to grow chainsaws from different parts of his body. #Anime
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Dominik Vessi
5 months ago (E)
Diablo IV - A Brief Introduction

For those of you, who haven’t played the Diablo #VideoGames , let me give you a brief introduction. Diablo is a role-playing video game that has three instalments or core games that are as follows:
● Diablo
● Diablo II
● Diablo III
Diablo IV has still to be introduced with its own story, characters, and new villains! So, for those of you who have been waiting for the release for a long time, stay patient! It’s going to be released in 2023!
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Dominik Vessi
6 months ago
Gungrave GORE - (November 22)

Gungrave GORE is one of the most epic-looking third-person shooters making its way to Xbox game pass this month. Coming from developer Iggymob, this action shooter has you playing as Grave, a merciless gunslinger who just wants to mow down anyone and everyone who dares stand in his way.

Gungrave GORE features one of the most action-packed combat with a ton of different weapons that you can use to decimate your enemies in style. From thunder-fast AR rifles to insanely destructive rockets, this game has everything you can imagine.
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