Dominik Vessi @DominikVessi
14 January, 01:56 (E)
Diablo IV - A Brief Introduction

For those of you, who haven’t played the Diablo #VideoGames , let me give you a brief introduction. Diablo is a role-playing video game that has three instalments or core games that are as follows:
● Diablo
● Diablo II
● Diablo III
Diablo IV has still to be introduced with its own story, characters, and new villains! So, for those of you who have been waiting for the release for a long time, stay patient! It’s going to be released in 2023!
Dominik Vessi @DominikVessi
02 December, 12:04
Gungrave GORE - (November 22)

Gungrave GORE is one of the most epic-looking third-person shooters making its way to Xbox game pass this month. Coming from developer Iggymob, this action shooter has you playing as Grave, a merciless gunslinger who just wants to mow down anyone and everyone who dares stand in his way.

Gungrave GORE features one of the most action-packed combat with a ton of different weapons that you can use to decimate your enemies in style. From thunder-fast AR rifles to insanely destructive rockets, this game has everything you can imagine.