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26 November, 01:01 (E)
Somerville is a cinematic sci-fi adventure set in a limbo-inspired rural landscape where players assume the role of a guy who wants to reunite with his family in midst of an invasion. Coming from indie developer Jumpship in collaboration with Playdead’s Co-Founder Dino Patti, Somerville holds a lot of resemblance with Limbo and Inside in terms of world design while expanding on the interactive side of things. Players get to explore a vast and mysterious world suffering from the invasion of alien life. #GamePass
Pro Gamer @Podcasts
24 November, 05:50
Return to Monkey Island is all set to drop on Game Pass (November 2022)

Starting off this list with the return of one of the best adventure game series of all time, Monkey Island! If you are an adventure lover, there’s a high chance that you have already played Monkey Island. But if you haven’t, now is your chance to do so with the Return to Monkey Island finally coming to Xbox Game Pass this month.

This point-and-click adventure game has you playing as Guybrush Threepwood as he sets out to explore a series of uncharted lands and fight against his nemesis, pirate LeChuck. #Xbox