Penelope Ramos @fa_638e9e478d938
07 January, 02:57
The Whale: Brenden Fraser makes a perfect comeback right into our hearts. #movie #TheWhale

The Whale is a story about Charlie who is a huge mam with a thinning scalp and the most kind eyes you will ever see, he is played by none other than Brendan Fraser.

Charlie hasn’t been a lot in the world outside his four walls, all he does is eat all kinds of Pizzas, Burgers, Rolls, Fried Chicken etc. He has people who visit him from time to time to keep a check on him, his caretaker Liz is someone who also scolds him for his bad food hogging habits.
Penelope Ramos @fa_638e9e478d938
07 January, 02:51
The Menu' #movie review: Chef serves the Bloodiest Dish

If you're someone who loves to watch movies that will tangle your neurons and make you think even after the movie ends, then the Menu film is right for you. It's one of those thrillers that give you chills with the most normal random scene.

The movie is about a shady hotel called "Hawthorne" which is situated on a private island. The hotel is owned by a chef who is played by Ralph Fiennes, he keeps serving beautiful mouth watery food to his guests and they keep on loving the taste.
Penelope Ramos @fa_638e9e478d938
18 December, 05:34
The Weekend releases song for Avatar 2 #music soundtrack