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30 January, 02:17
Spy X Family #Anime

How could we forget Spy X Family, the anime that gave us our super cute kid Anya? It has become one of the most popular anime series of 2022 and that’s mostly thanks to the cute and wholesome interactions between Anya and her family members, speaking of family, they are not actually her family member as Loid Forger, the dad is a secret spy, and the mother, yor is an assassin.

Spy x Family offers lighthearted moments of emotions and comedy mixed with some thrilling fights and mysteries. Each main character in this series hides a secret that slowly uncovers over time.
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29 January, 11:18
CREED III in Theaters 3/3/23 #movie
CREED III | Official Trailer - YouTube

There’s no enemy like the past. From director Michael B. Jordan, watch the official #Creed3 trailer now and see the movie in theaters and IMAX 3/3/23.CREED I...

Anime Fans @Anime
22 January, 10:40
Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2

Attack on Titan Final Season Part one left fans with so many questions that we couldn't help but wait so anxiously for part two to drop soon. And it finally did with a massive blast that left many fans in shock with some unexpected revelations.

It's by far one of the most satisfying endings of an anime series but not without its controversies. The long build-up through the first of the half of the series finally paid off, answering many questions that we had from the very first season.
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22 January, 02:44
A Brief Introduction to Death Stranding

The game, Death Stranding is set in a cataclysmic event that caused different creatures to roam around the Earth’s surface. Now, the main character or hero, Sam Porter Bridges (Norman Reedus) gets a task assigned to him which is nothing more than to deliver every kind of supplies to the separated colonies and weapons to connect them!
So, the overall concept of the game is quite interesting, if you’re into the concept of apocalypse or pandemic, you will love playing Death Stranding.
Dominik Vessi @DominikVessi
14 January, 01:56 (E)
Diablo IV - A Brief Introduction

For those of you, who haven’t played the Diablo #VideoGames , let me give you a brief introduction. Diablo is a role-playing video game that has three instalments or core games that are as follows:
● Diablo
● Diablo II
● Diablo III
Diablo IV has still to be introduced with its own story, characters, and new villains! So, for those of you who have been waiting for the release for a long time, stay patient! It’s going to be released in 2023!
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11 January, 12:58
Diablo IV Release Date - Everything You Need To Know!

Diablo IV Release Date & Available Platforms. The release date of Diablo IV is June 6, 2023, on PS5, #Xbox , PS4, XBOX One, and lastly PC! This news was passed on to the fans during the Gaming Awards 2022 with the introduction of its new trailer. Such an update puts this game into competition against Final Fantasy 16 which is also launching in the same month.

Fans are more than happy to hear this news and can’t wait to play Diablo IV. This game has been popular for years and people have been dying to see its new update.
Real Housewives @rhwo
10 January, 02:30
The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7
Your Elegant First Look at The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7! | Bravo - YouTube

This season on The Real Housewives of Potomac: tensions are high, rumors are spreading, and scandals are on everyone's mind. No relationship is safe from the...

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07 January, 03:31 (E)
#M3GAN is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence creation, designed by Gemma, a brilliant roboticist. It can listen, watch, and learn as it takes on the role of a child's best friend and protector. M3GAN is also programmed to be a playable role model - a playmate, teacher, and confidante all in one. Designed by Gemma, a brilliant roboticist, M3GAN is an amazing gift that will enrich the lives of parents and children alike. #movie
M3GAN - official trailer - YouTube

meet M3GAN. your new best friend.M3GAN - official traileronly in theaters january 6From the most prolific minds in horror—James Wan, the filmmaker behind the...

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07 January, 03:14
Death Stranding 2 Release Date - Everything You Need To Know!

Death Stranding is an action game that tells us about the delivery man Sam Porter who travels across a wasteland. In the wasteland, he reconnects to the city of America after a mysterious apocalyptic event known as “Death Stranding”.

During the Game Awards 2022, the release date of Death Stranding 2 has been announced but not very clearly. It is said to be released somewhere between 2023 - 2024. During the event, Kojima presented a glimpse of the first-ever trailer for Death Stranding 2 which showed the game’s brand-new seque
Penelope Ramos @fa_638e9e478d938
07 January, 02:57
The Whale: Brenden Fraser makes a perfect comeback right into our hearts. #movie #TheWhale

The Whale is a story about Charlie who is a huge mam with a thinning scalp and the most kind eyes you will ever see, he is played by none other than Brendan Fraser.

Charlie hasn’t been a lot in the world outside his four walls, all he does is eat all kinds of Pizzas, Burgers, Rolls, Fried Chicken etc. He has people who visit him from time to time to keep a check on him, his caretaker Liz is someone who also scolds him for his bad food hogging habits.
Penelope Ramos @fa_638e9e478d938
07 January, 02:51
The Menu' #movie review: Chef serves the Bloodiest Dish

If you're someone who loves to watch movies that will tangle your neurons and make you think even after the movie ends, then the Menu film is right for you. It's one of those thrillers that give you chills with the most normal random scene.

The movie is about a shady hotel called "Hawthorne" which is situated on a private island. The hotel is owned by a chef who is played by Ralph Fiennes, he keeps serving beautiful mouth watery food to his guests and they keep on loving the taste.
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22 December, 09:28
The Pale Blue Eye is a #Netflix film staring Christian Bale who plays a detective Augustus Landor investigates a series murders. #movie
The Pale Blue Eye | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube

West Point, 1830. A world-weary detective is hired to discreetly investigate the gruesome murder of a cadet. Stymied by the cadets’ code of silence, he enlis...

2hypegamer @2hypegamer
19 December, 01:40
Top 5 Best Xbox #GamePass Releases for December 2022

1. Eastward

2. Totally Reliable Delivery Service

3. The Walking Dead: Final Season

4. Hello Neighbor, 2

5. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
Ting Dat @TingDat
19 December, 01:28
Top 5 Best #Anime Series of 2022

1. Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2

2. Spy X Family

3. Kaguya Sama: Love is War

4. Cyberpunks: Edgerunners

5. Chainsaw Man
Penelope Ramos @fa_638e9e478d938
18 December, 05:34
The Weekend releases song for Avatar 2 #music soundtrack

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