Sports Clips @Memes
21 November, 03:11
Sports Clips @Memes
21 November, 02:56
Mike McCarthy calling plays #Sports
Sports Clips @Memes
23 October, 02:44 (E)
Sports Athletes look alike Matt Stafford and Elon Musk. What do you think? #Athletes #Celebrity #Memes
2hypegamer @2hypegamer
19 October, 12:35
Streaming is the future of #Esports

Streaming allows esports to reach a wider audience and allows viewers to interact with their favorite players. Millions of people tune in to watch popular gamers play, but what's new about this trend is how it has influenced how games are played and watched. Players who stream their gameplay on Twitch or YouTube can earn money by becoming partners with those sites, which means they get a cut of ad revenue generated from their streams. They also have access to special tools such as chatbots that allow them to interact with fans.
Big time Gamer @bigtimegamer
16 October, 01:30
#Esports Gaming Trends That Will Shape the Future

Mobile esports is the fastest-growing segment of the industry. As more people worldwide have access to smartphones and mobile data plans, they can compete in esports games against each other. Mobile Esports is also more accessible to casual players. The cost of entry into mobile esports can be less than traditional gaming setups, with just a phone and an internet connection needed to play competitively. Finally, there are many new opportunities for young people who want to get involved in competitive gaming without having much experience.

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