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24 November, 05:50
Return to Monkey Island is all set to drop on Game Pass (November 2022)

Starting off this list with the return of one of the best adventure game series of all time, Monkey Island! If you are an adventure lover, there’s a high chance that you have already played Monkey Island. But if you haven’t, now is your chance to do so with the Return to Monkey Island finally coming to Xbox Game Pass this month.

This point-and-click adventure game has you playing as Guybrush Threepwood as he sets out to explore a series of uncharted lands and fight against his nemesis, pirate LeChuck. #Xbox
2hypegamer @2hypegamer
24 August, 11:57
PowerWash Simulator Best Indie Games Release #Xbox #VideoGames

Have you ever thought of becoming a PowerWash cleaner? I am sure most of you have not but PowerWash Simulator might just make you reconsider. This new indie gem has been getting a lot of positive reviews from the players, making it one of the best indie games.

PowerWash Simulator has made quite a massive impact in the gaming world. PowerWash Simulator puts you in the shoes of a cleaner for hire who goes out to clean whatever's on schedule to earn money and grow your cleaning business.
PowerWash Simulator Launch Trailer - YouTube

POWERWASH SIMULATOR IS AVAILABLE NOW!Play the super smoothing simulator now on Xbox, Windows or Game Pass and release the pressure.

2hypegamer @2hypegamer
08 August, 07:36 (E)
Escape Academy Best #Xbox Game Pass #VideoGames

Escape Room games have gathered quite a massive player base around the world and for very good reasons. However, unlike any other game in this
genre, Escape Academy offers more than just solving puzzles. It gives you a sense of community with like-minded people where you can learn to become a master escapist.

The game comes packed with a ton of exciting content including challenging puzzles to solve, a gorgeous world to explore, a range of quirky characters to meet and a lot more.
Big time Gamer @bigtimegamer
05 August, 11:23
Far Cry 5 is on #Xbox Game Pass Games

Far Cry 5 is no stranger to the gaming world and it’s been a while since the game was first released back in 2018. But in case you haven’t had a chance to play this game, this might just be the perfect opportunity to get your hands on this masterpiece.

Set in Hope County, Montana, Far Cry 5 has you exploring a vast wilderness that’s home to a fanatical doomsday cult known as Eden’s Gate led by Joseph Seed. Just like any other Far Cry game, you can expect to see tons of action, drama, and of course, moments of violence. Definitely worth playing.
Big time Gamer @bigtimegamer
05 August, 11:18
As Dusk Falls is on #Xbox Game Pass Games

Starting with a robbery gone wrong in 1998 in a small town of Arizona, As Dusk Falls sees you juggling the lives of two different families whose fate now depends entirely on your decisions in this thrilling interactive drama. With a timeline that spans over 30 years, the game lets you pave the path for the characters with each decision affecting their lives in one way or the other.

As Dusk Falls story is filled to the brim with moments of emotions, drama, and struggles that keep you hooked for hours.
Big time Gamer @bigtimegamer
03 August, 03:06
Top 5 Best Xbox Game Pass Games in August 2022

#Xbox Game Pass gamers are having a blast with many big games becoming available to play for free with a subscription. From massive AAA titles to super popular indie games, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. With so many great titles already in the catalog and many more coming out soon, it might get a little daunting to find the best ones.

So here’s a list of the top 5 Xbox game pass games that you can play in August 2022.

1. As Dusk Falls
2. Yakuza 0
3. Escape Academy
4. Far Cry 5
5. PowerWash Simulator

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