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29 January, 11:18
CREED III in Theaters 3/3/23 #movie
CREED III | Official Trailer - YouTube

There’s no enemy like the past. From director Michael B. Jordan, watch the official #Creed3 trailer now and see the movie in theaters and IMAX 3/3/23.CREED I...

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07 January, 03:31 (E)
#M3GAN is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence creation, designed by Gemma, a brilliant roboticist. It can listen, watch, and learn as it takes on the role of a child's best friend and protector. M3GAN is also programmed to be a playable role model - a playmate, teacher, and confidante all in one. Designed by Gemma, a brilliant roboticist, M3GAN is an amazing gift that will enrich the lives of parents and children alike. #movie
M3GAN - official trailer - YouTube

meet M3GAN. your new best friend.M3GAN - official traileronly in theaters january 6From the most prolific minds in horror—James Wan, the filmmaker behind the...

Penelope Ramos @fa_638e9e478d938
07 January, 02:57
The Whale: Brenden Fraser makes a perfect comeback right into our hearts. #movie #TheWhale

The Whale is a story about Charlie who is a huge mam with a thinning scalp and the most kind eyes you will ever see, he is played by none other than Brendan Fraser.

Charlie hasn’t been a lot in the world outside his four walls, all he does is eat all kinds of Pizzas, Burgers, Rolls, Fried Chicken etc. He has people who visit him from time to time to keep a check on him, his caretaker Liz is someone who also scolds him for his bad food hogging habits.
Penelope Ramos @fa_638e9e478d938
07 January, 02:51
The Menu' #movie review: Chef serves the Bloodiest Dish

If you're someone who loves to watch movies that will tangle your neurons and make you think even after the movie ends, then the Menu film is right for you. It's one of those thrillers that give you chills with the most normal random scene.

The movie is about a shady hotel called "Hawthorne" which is situated on a private island. The hotel is owned by a chef who is played by Ralph Fiennes, he keeps serving beautiful mouth watery food to his guests and they keep on loving the taste.
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22 December, 09:28
The Pale Blue Eye is a #Netflix film staring Christian Bale who plays a detective Augustus Landor investigates a series murders. #movie
The Pale Blue Eye | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube

West Point, 1830. A world-weary detective is hired to discreetly investigate the gruesome murder of a cadet. Stymied by the cadets’ code of silence, he enlis...

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18 December, 03:25
BEST UPCOMING #movie TRAILERS 2022 & 2023

Best Movie Trailers 2022 & 2023 (NOVEMBER)Films Included : 00:00 Best Upcoming Movies 2022 & 2023 (Trailers)00:06 Guardians of the Galaxy 302:02 Indiana Jone...

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29 November, 07:37
30 Most Popular #Movies Right Now.

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24 November, 03:27
THE MENU is a must see maliciously entertaining #movie thriller.
THE MENU | Official Teaser Trailer | Searchlight Pictures - YouTube

Now PlayingA couple (Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult) travels to a coastal island to eat at an exclusive restaurant where the chef (Ralph Fiennes) has pre...

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19 November, 06:13
Will The New John Wick Happen?

According to IndieWire, if Lionsgate was to go through with building a John Wick game, it would be one of the best action-heavy titles with an AAA concept. This means you will experience something new and classic at the same time.

A John Wick shooter would do great because fans already cannot get enough of the movie. However, if one was to play the game on consoles or PC, one would take on the smart character of John Wick to wreak havoc in the continental All in all, since Lionsgate is so enthusiastic about the project, it will most likely happen.
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05 September, 08:24
#TopGun 2 is heading for streaming after beating Avengers: Infinity War at the box office.

Approximately 33 years after the release of the original Top Gun, Tom Cruise returns to the role of Pete "Maverick" Mitchell in the appropriately titled sequel Top Gun: Maverick. However, this time, with more action and drama in theatres. The movie has achieved another significant benchmark, as it has officially surpassed Avengers: Infinity War to be the sixth most grossing movie in the history of the domestic box office with a total of $679 million that it has earned.
Top Gun: Maverick | NEW Official Trailer (2022 Movie) - Tom Cruise - YouTube

Guaranteed adrenaline rush. #TopGun: Maverick is FINALLY coming to theatres May 27. Watch the NEW official trailer now!After more than thirty years of servic...

Rosa Gomez @RosaGomez
27 August, 11:37

A scholar (Tilda Swinton) discover a bottle that contains a genie calling himself The Djinn (Idris Elba) who offers three wishes for his freedom.

Grab the popcorn and enjoy this wonderful scripted #movie
THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING | Official Trailer | MGM Studios - YouTube

What would you wish for? From director George Miller, watch the official trailer for #3000YearsOfLonging now. Only in movie theaters August 26.DIRECTED BY: G...

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17 August, 05:41
Day Shift the #movie Starring Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg is a must see. Watch as they hunt vampires on the Day Shift.

Jamie Foxx will lose his family if he dos not make enough money before the deadline, Funny Good.
Day Shift | Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, and Snoop Dogg | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube

On Netflix August 12.Jamie Foxx stars as a hard working blue collar dad who just wants to provide a good life for his quick-witted daughter, but his mundane ...

Chase John @Chase09
12 August, 07:20
Recap "Stranger Things 4," Vecna's attack on Hawkins continues to intensify. As a result, rifts have sprung up throughout Hawkins, pouring out into the surroundings and eventually merging in the city's heart.

The visions Nancy had in episode eight have come true, and Hawkins is now a city under attack. Season 5 will substantially differ from Season 4 because the fight is now open, and we need an answer to as what exactly it will be shaped. #movie #StrangerThings
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10 August, 11:34
Bullet Train the #movie is a much watch film, starring Brad Pitt is witty and sarcastic good film. Pitt plays an unlucky assassin aboard a moving train is really funny and has great dialogue.
BULLET TRAIN - Official Trailer (HD) - YouTube

Getting back on the job is never as easy as you think... especially with the world's deadliest assassins on board. Take a ride with Brad Pitt in #BulletTrain...

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03 August, 04:46

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