Penelope Ramos @fa_638e9e478d938
18 December, 05:34
The Weekend releases song for Avatar 2 #music soundtrack
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05 July, 08:22
Sing 2, an animated musical about a bunch of singing animals voiced by incredibly famous people. #movie
Sing 2 - Official Trailer [HD] - YouTube

Sing 2In Theaters Christmashttps://www.singmovie.comFollow Sing:

Liz Mera @LizMera
31 May, 11:18 (E)
Emeline: “Cinderella’s Dead” #Emeline #music

“Cinderella’s Dead,” will give you the confidence to be your strongest self. The pop tune has seen viral success on TikTok, where fans have not only related to the lyrics but have used it to create their own videos that tell their stories.
EMELINE - Cinderella's Dead (Lyrics) - YouTube

EMELINE - Cinderella's Dead (Lyrics) TikToki was 19 in a white dress when you told me i was your princessCinderella's dead now

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